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 1.0 Scope This test method uses pressure sensitive tape to determine the adhesion quality of platings, marking inks or  paints, and other materials used in conjunction with Printed Boards.
2.0 Applicable Documents  适用文件
Commercial Item Description (CID) A-A-113 Tape. Pressure Sensitive, Adhesive   
 3.0 Test Specimens Any preproduction. first article, Or production printed board. A minimum of three tests should be performed for each evaluation
 4.0 Apparatus or Material  仪器或材料
  4.1 Tape A roll of pressure sensitive tape 3M Brand 600 1/2 inch wide or a tape as described in(CID AA-113). Type 1 Class B, except that the tape may be clear
 一卷3M 600压敏胶带 1/2英寸宽或如(CID AA-113)所述的3m胶带。类型1 B类,但磁带可能是清晰的
 5.0 Procedure 流程
 5.1 Test Press a strip of pressure sensitive tape, 50mm[2.0 in] minimum in length, firmly across the surface of the test area removing all air entrapment. The time between application and removal of tape shall be less than 1 minute. Remove the tape by a rapid pull force applied approximately perpen dicular(right angle) to the test area. An unused strip of tape must be used for each test.
试压一条50毫米的压敏胶带  [2.0 in]最小长度,牢固地穿过试验区域表面,去除所有空气包封。3m胶带从粘贴到取下的时间应小于1分钟。用快速拉伸力将胶带去除,并将其近似地施加到测试区域。每次测试必须使用一条未使用的胶带。
      Adhesion, Tape Testing
    Date                       Revision
    Originating Task Group
      Rigid Board T M. Task Group (7-11d)
5.2 Evaluation Visually examine tape and test area for evidence of any portion of the material tested having been removed from the specimen.
   5.3 Report The report should note any evidence of material removed by this test.

 6.0 Notes 记录
6.1 If plating overhang breaks off (slivers) and adheres to the tape, it is evidence of overhang but an adhesion failure
如果镀层悬垂断裂(碎片)并粘附在 胶带,它是悬垂的证据,但粘着失效.
   6.2 If foreign material (oil, grease, etc. ) is present on the test surface the results may be affected not an adhesion failure


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